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24 July 2007 @ 01:56 am
"Bitch, I thought I just told you to shut up and be lookin' fine!"  
So...my sister is pretty much in love. And not with a boy. A cat, a cute little white and spotted kitten to be exact.

We were at the Humane Society tonight and we decided to play with these very playful kitten brothers. There were three of them; the calmer one took residence in my sister's lap and the other two took to jumping all over me. I'm normally a puppy person, but these little guys were just sooo damn cute.

Saying 'goodbye' to them was especially rough for Nat because she bonded with the calm kitten, even putting it to sleep. Now she is in a state of love and can't stop thinking about her little furry boy. Tomorrow she is planning on going back there and finding out more about the adoption process.

And my job in all of this? To convince my mom to let her get the cute little baby. (My cutesy baby voice was hardcore this evening). "Oh you little, pretty, baby. You are so beautiful. You little dear, hunny pie." And it went a little something like that.

Now alls we gots to do is figure out a name for our future little Kitten Kleinman. So far Nat is more partial to solid, old-fashioned names like George, Harry, and Percy. Any suggestions, oh-faithful-lj-readers?

I think I shall retire early this evening.

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